Sometimes you get the photographs back, and they’re not what you’re expecting.

Group photonot quite what you were expecting?
Group photo not quite what you were expecting? (original images Marily Torres/Andrea Piacquadio)

There’s a distracting object in the image that nobody noticed at the time. There’s a person in the frame who shouldn’t really be there. Someone’s wearing the wrong colour shirt, or their face is in deep shadow. But you can’t retake the photograph, so what do you do? This is where we come in. with years of experience in photo-editing and manipulation, using state of the art software, we can make changes you might not imagine possible.

May this is what you were hoping for. (image by Marily Torres)

Does that mean we can fix every image? No, for some images this is not possible, but you’ll be surprised at what we can do.

Sometimes you want to be somewhere else
Like this.

So if you need an image salvaging, and you’d like it done fast and economically, then talk to us. If you drop us an email, preferably with the image attached, and explain what you require changing. We’ll look at this and give you a clear understanding of what is possible, and an estimate of what we would charge.

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