Here at Ocean Design, we edit images, create logos and websites, and we drink waay too much coffee.

Logo design and graphic art

We can create logos, graphic art, add text or other images to photographs, edit existing photographs, in fact pretty much anything you need in the way of graphics and image editing.

Website design and creation

Website design and creation. You have a small business, or a club, or a hobby, and you need a website for it. But working with computer code and content management systems is not really your thing, then talk to us. We build professional, simple, functional websites using WordPress, the World’s most popular website building software (according to wikipedia, as of April, 2019, WordPress was used to build over 60 million websites, include 33% of the top 10 million websites). We build websites every day. So whether it’s a simple blog, and online store, a membership site or a advertising and booking site for your business, we can work with you to design, economically, it to your specifications , and have it up and running fast – wherever you are in the World! Our website design starts from £395 ($525) including domain name purchase and one year’s website hosting. Want to learn more? Email us now here.

Photos that pop
Do you require photos that are professional, eye-catching images?

Photography and Photo-editing

Do you need good, sharp, dramatic photographs for your event, product or website? Images that convey a clear message? We can provide professional photography that does exactly that. We can also provide suitable images for your website if you tell us exactly what you want. We can even edit and often dramatically improve images you already have (provided they are of reasonable resolution). That includes adding or removing objects from images. Need a photo shoot (SW England) or photos enhanced or edited (anywhere in the World, you can just email the images) then contact us

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